Surfcompanions: Sharing the love for Surf with Daniel Spes


The SURFCOMPANION is a new book in the Surfing World, let´s say some sort of a Surfcoach that you always have at hand, that helps you to look up everything about  surf etiquette, paddle technique, bottom turn, cutback and more – almost some kind of  lots of tutorial you don’t need any internet connection because it comes as analog as it gets.

I had a chat with Founder Daniel Spes, himself a Surfcoach with years of experience as a head coach as well – striving to share his knowledge with the book SURFCOMPANION that he created with his Co-Founder Florian Hättich, who is responsible for the Artwork, all Illustrations that he made with so much love and eye for details…

Among Daniels love for surfing you’ll get to know…
• how to consider a good Surfcoach
• how it came to the idea for the SurfCompanion
• the quality of trainings for Surfcoaches
• the difference about doing techniques and actually describing them
• what most Surfcoaches could improve
• why each surfbeginner should start with a Surfcoach
• how Daniel sees the situations with more crowds in the water

• and lots of more…


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