The lonesome rider: Surfer Mouhssine

Place with a view: Mousshine at his place in Tamraght.

I first met Mouhssine, when I was working for SDN in Morocco. He was the surf instructor over there, and at the same time he was kind of the “soul of the house” – from the first time I saw him I knew we would get along well with each other. Always in a good mood, joking around with the guests and teaching them everything they needed to know about being in the water with their board, he managed their daily lives: patient, giving everything he could give in every second, no matter what they asked for. Now he’s stopped working as a surf instructor, and he went back to the area where he came from – a little village in the north of Morocco, called Kinitra.

Mouhssine, how did you become a surf instructor?

Mouhssine: First I was working in the kitchen of a nice restaurant. My goal was to learn all that stuff that comes along with that profession – to gain more and more experience and to be able to open my own restaurant one day. But it was hard work and the salary was really bad.

So I moved from the kitchen to the beach and became a surf instructor. I loved to give lessons to the beginners. And meeting so many new people. To me it was always important to treat every student the same. Not only concentrating on the beautiful girls (what a lot of teachers do) but even the older women or men. To give them all a good feeling and enjoy every second in the water. But as time went on, I got tired of doing the same thing every day. That’s when I moved on.


Why did you move back to the north?

Mouhssine: I spent so many years in the area of Taghazout, that I felt it was time to move on. I always did, when I didn’t like it anymore at one place. I just packed my stuff and went. Furthermore I like to be on my own – I think I got that from my grandfather.

What is it like to be back in your “home zone“
after so many years in the south?

MouhssineIt is very different now in Kinitra. Since I came back things changed a lot. There used to be small houses earlier, lots of flowers, sweet dogs straying across the streets. But now more and more rich people have come here and built up everything from new – lots of big houses. It does not look like the authentic little village that it used to be anymore. But it is still a safe place. Comfortable, with its easy living and still close to the sea. I am totally into farming at the moment. And I bought some Nike shoes and run a lot in the mountains.

What do you think about nowadays surfing scene?

MouhssineSadly, surfing has changed a lot over the years. A few years ago surfing was about being out with your board and friends in the water, to get rid of the stress in daily life. To relax, to enjoy life. Everything was pure harmony. But nowadays more and more people are just stressing around. They use their time out in the water for showing how cool they are, not to enjoy the harmony along with the group that’s out in the water. Lots of dropping in – bad mood.


Entering “La Source” for a nice sunset session.

What is your favorite Surfspot?

MouhssineMy favorite spot is Moule Bousselham. Once on Ramadan, I had the best surf of my life over there with lots of clean and powerful barrels. Besides that I also had some really good days at Killers and La Source – days that felt like paradise.

What’s your perfect wave?

MouhssineOh, it depends of the shape of wave. But in general I love left handers, and perfect barrels like they exist in Indonesia.


Always up for some fun with his students.

What does the ocean mean to you?

MouhssineOh man, the ocean means everything to me. It always makes me feel good, even when I feel bad. It makes me forget about my problems. It gives me waves, it gives me fish. It is a place to totally come down. To become relaxed again. The ocean is my best friend. I always liked to work at the beach, the sand under my feet or my body immersed into the water.

What inspires you?

MouhssinePure nature. The beauteousness of a landscape or people with inner beauty.

What’s your favorite board?

MouhssineDefinitely my Craig Anderson board. And I love the boards shaped by Al Merrick. I prefer to ride a shortboard in size 5.8“, square tail. Small but wider – like about 19“.


Checking out “La Source”.




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