“The planner for all the Workaholistics out there”

The True North Planner

Make plans while in alignment with who you really are.

“Rather following ones own path imperfectly
than to follow another ones perfectly.”

The Bhagavad Gita

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Planning and Journaling IN ONE

The TRUE NORTH PLANNER is a daily Planner & Journal in one that helps you to reconnect with yourself so that you will set goals, that are in alignment with who you really are and therefore following the path that is meant for you. 

Monthly LoG / Habit tracker

For each month you have a double page for: fixing your appointments, tracking your habits, setting your mantra for the month, the task you want to focus on, tasks you really need to get done this month, humans / events you are looking forward to already and capturing movies/documentaries and books you want to consume that month…


Weekly Overview

Each week you have one page that breaks down your month in, well, one week: appointments, a reflection question that changes each week, your focus for the week, tasks you want to get done that week, people you want to want to contact and space for some braindump… 


Daily Planning

For each day you have the space of a whole page to write down: thoughts of gratitude, focus of the day, tasks of the day, your day at glance, good things that happned (night journaling) and also here: place for other thoughts and notes in the braindump.


Comprehensive Coaching Part

The TRUE NORTH Planner comes with more than 30 pages full of tools, questions and wisdom to help you to look deeper and therefore to reconnect to your self before your begins. Some of them are:  

Wheel of life

A comprehensive check in before starting your journey – to see where you are right now and where you want to go to in ten important areas of your life.


Space for your Vision

Two pages of space to capture the vision of your life: Manifesting mode = on! 


“A visionary, a vision is scary.”


Finding your flow

Pay attention to how people and situations influence your experience – what surroundings bring you into a flow state? And what are the ones that distract you from it?


Good & Bad Habits

Two pages to think about habits that are helping you on your new path and also to get rid of old habits that are not supportive any longer. 


Your Values

For each region we display the suitable and the best months for surfing.


Define your Goals

Think about different goals for your personal and your business life.



Important questions that are going you to help you to reflect about your situation and different moments in life even more.


And a lot more...

There will be more content in the final version of the TRUE NORTH Planner and the pages and the cover will look even better than here right now – as these are just the mockups to simulate how the printed version will look like… stay tuned!

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