John Porcell aka Paramananda Das: The path back to who you really are

John Porcell aka “Paramananda Das” is a Yogateacher who gained a reputation for his appearence as guitarist in legendary hardcore bands like Youth of Today, Judge and Shelter – the band that brought Spirituality into the life of thousands of young people and inspired them to live a better life.

When he is not touring the world, John Porcell teaches yoga online or in real life and is also leading retreats where he passes on the uplifting message of Bhakti Yoga combined with challenging asana classes.

In this very inspiring episode we talked about subjects like…

– how hardcore (and straight edge) inspired him to follow the path of yoga
– why Yoga is also about Vegetarism
– Intoxication and Yoga
– the real message of Yoga
– the outer vs the inner world
– how he met Raghunath for the first time
– how he found Bhakti as his path
– the rerelease of Shelters “When 20 summers pass”
– the Govardhan Parikrama
– lots of memories about India
– the power of Kirtan and Music in general
– the evolution of Yoga
– his Book recomendations for Yoga beginners

and lots of more…

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His book recommendations:
The Journey within

This Podcast-Episode is presented by Jade Yogamats.

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