João Macedo: Being part of something bigger


João Macedo grew up surfing the rough waves of Praia Grande in Portugal and therefore got used to conditions one needs for surfing bigger waves at an early age. So maybe it was some kind of inevitable that he would make his way to surf the biggest waves of the world as a Pro Surfer at the WSL Big Wave World Tour.

As varied as the conditions in the waters are also his interests on land, which is why he is engaged in lots of different projects: As an engaged Environmentalist he was one of the founders of what World Surfing Reserve, that helped to protect different coastlines, as well as Save the waves. He coaches different Surfers at his homespot Praia Grande with his school SurfAcademia and took part in several short films and documentaries.

In this episode we talked about:

• how his Surfing Journey started
• what changed when he became a father
• what it feels like coaching talents like Nic van Rupp from an early age on
• his most scariest moments when surfing big waves
• his passion to make an impact as an environmentalist
• his projects World Surfing Reserve and Save the Wave
• how to prepare for surfing big waves
• Spirituality and Surfing
• and lots of more…


Joao Macedo Homepage

Joao Macedo on Instagram

Save the Waves

Save the Waves on Instagram

Surf Academia Joao Macedo

Patagonia Europe


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