Meeting strangers is easy

Today, Jule and me walked for a little photo-session through the streets of Tamraght, when an apparently mentally disturbed guy, who talked a lot of strange stuff, crossed our way.

At first we thought about turning our back on him, but then, while we took pictures of Jule doing some Yoga Poses, he came towards her, imitating her almost perfectly and therefore connected with her due to Yoga.

It turned out, he was a former sports teacher, and actually a nice guy.

So, in daily life as well as in the line up:
Always respect each other – go out and share some love!





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  1. Great example that first thoughts can turn around like a 360.
    Yoga with strangers, yeah! You can make a series of it Zille, all the best from Bali! Love to see more photos of this…

  2. Uta says: Antworten

    love that post, zille. so right. connection.

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