Surf Science with Patagonia-Ambassador Tony Butt


The book “Surf Science” is very well known in the surf scene. The author Tony Butt has dedicated his whole life to the ocean. His love for surfing big waves made him also dive deeper into the subject of the sea. Therefore he studied ocean science and luckily for all of us, made this complex subject more understandable for surfers by writing that wonderful book which is already a classic. 

Tony Butt is also a Patagonia Ambassador and expresses his deep love for the ocean into his work for NGOs like Surfers against Sewage and Save the waves.

After the day of his workshop “Surf Science” in Ericeira we had some time to talk about his life and therefore about everything related to the ocean for example…

– his decision to go to Spain

– how the idea for his book “Surf Science” came up

– surfing big waves  compared to normal waves 

– why society is loosing contact with nature

– Sustainability 

– and lots of more…



Tony Butt´s articles at Patagonia

The Book “Surf Science: An introduction to waves for Surfing”

The Book “Surfers Guide to Waves, Coasts and Climates”

The Book “Guide to sustainable Surfing”





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