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Kepa Acero: how to surf life´s waves

Among all soul surfers this planet has to offer Kepa Acero from the Basque Country might be one of the most famous ones. After surfing in competitions for years he left that part of his life behind just to travel along this planets coasts and surf lot of empty spots all by himself. And luckily for all of us, always with his videocamera that he installed at the beach.

Due to these authentic videos that he put online he gained a lot of new followers that got imsprierd by his simple lifestyle.

I had the honor to talk to him during the surf film festival Berlin where we talked about the movie „Its not only about waves“ that he did with his girlfriend, the wonderful filmmaker Eva Diez, the life after his accident and lots of more….

I hope you enjoy the conversation just like I did and would be very happy if you leave a little review on iTunes, which helps to make this podcast more popular maybe also among non-surfers.


Subjects we talked about (among others):

• about Kepa Acero´s friendship with Karolo

• the Movie “It´s not all about waves”

• what it feels like traveling alone

• about giving

• thoughts on life after his accident

• and more…



Kepa Acero at PUKAS

Kepa Acero on Instagram

Kepa Acero Homepage

Eva Diez on Instagram

Eva Diez Homepage

SurfilmFest Berlin


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