Raghunath Cappo: From Punk to Monk

Raghunath Cappo

Raghunath, formerly known as Ray Cappo, was the frontman of the influential hardcore band Youth of Today, a band whose music and message advocated for a lifestyle free of drugs and alcohol, which resonated deeply with a generation seeking meaning and integrity.

He quit the band at the height of its success to travel in India and live the life of a Brhamachari. Later he formed the band Shelter, where they infused punk rock with spirituality – again inspiring a huge audience to live a more conscious life.

Today Raghunath shares his love for ancient wisdom and inspires a big audience worldwide how to apply it in our modern lives – no matter if its during his Yoga Classes, Trainings, Satsangs or on the daily podcast „wisdom of the sages“ which he is doing with his companion Kausthuba das.

He just published his biography „From punk to monk“ where he shares his whole Story



In this episode we talked about:

– his process of writing “From Punk to Monk”
– how he discovered the path of Bhakti
– Victomhood and how to give up on blaiming and complaining
– how he met Radhanath Swami for the first time
– how to log in into a more spiritual life
– the importance of enthusiasm
– the two kinds of pleasure
– the importance of daily habits
– the 6 Pillars of Bhakti

and more…



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