First aid against landlocked symptoms

Saltwater Shop ingredients against “landocked” symptoms.

For people who love to surf, it´s some kind of hard to live in a country that is far away from the ocean or let´s say: from a shore where waves are arriving frequently. Like Germany for example. The place that I call home. And that I want to strike a blow for.

Because ironically I miss that place when I am traveling. For the reason that my brain always switches into some kind of non productive mode when being on the road. Some kind of dangerous state. At least if you need to do your work or be creative.

Germany is the place where I can be productive, where I can be creative, where I meet with friends, where the climate supports my brain-cells, where I have my yoga community.

So I keep telling myself that it´s good to get back after every trip.

But where was I actually?

Landlocked people.

Well, there a quite a few. And they do the oddest things to survive that condition of being landlocked.

It goes from injecting saltwater into their veins until licking Sex Wax before going to bed. You don´t believe me? See for yourself:

My buddies from the Saltwater Shop compiled a whole file full of case examples of people who call themselves “landlocked”.

Luckily for them there is help! (Maybe for you too)

Help in form of a package that diminishes the longing for the sea – sponsored by the Saltwater Shop. All you need to do:

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(No worries, there won´t be any spam – as I am going to send news every second month at most)


The effective ingredients of this first aid kit are:


The book Adventura from Konstantin Arnold. It works with nice photos and texts that make you forget where you are right now – even if you are at the most shitty place on planet earth.   Normally available at 25 €.




The Saltwater Camp Mug. Yes, you could fill it up with 0,3 liters of real saltwater. But I would recommend a nice coffee or tea.





The CD Between Lines from Jules Ahoi & The Deepsea Orchestra. You can listen to Jules music or read the Interview I did with him lately. Or just read the interview while listing to his music.




The sustainable toothbrush from Hydrophil. Depending on the toothpaste you use (and what you are about to spit out)  this is the most cleaniest way to brush your teeth. Even for the environment.



desillusionAn issue of the Desillusion Magazine. These are 253 pages full of photography, essays and editorials. So you have the choice to read through the texts or if you can’t read, just enjoy the great photographs.





A piece of BCN WAX. You can smell at that bio-degradable surf wax as long as you want without using it up. Or you can use it for your next cold water surf – what it is actually made for.


Always keep in mind that if you buy anything else at the Saltwater Shop you will always get a discount of 15% by entering the code SWS&GETWETSOON.

Good luck to all of you – and get well soon!
I mean “Get wet soon!”



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  1. “injecting saltwater into their veins” WTF? 😀

    Den verlinkten Beitrag muss ich mir demnächst mal durchlesen.. ich leide hier auch schrecklich. :'(

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