Saltwater Buddha: A conversation with Jaimal Yogis


When he wrote “Saltwater Buddha”, surfer and author Jaimal Yogis was on the path of his own journey within. Since then he wrote other books like “All our waves are water” and “The fear project” which also became success. Today Jaimal Yogis enjoys family life with his wife and three children close to the sea. He leads mediations retreats and workshops and is still writing. At the moment he is sitting down with his children book called “Mop rides the waves of live” which is supposed to come out in June.

We had an Instagram Live Chat going where we talked about subjects like:

– how he sees the pandemic scenario in terms of transformation and fear
– what it felt like growing up in a spiritual family
– what people holds into their comfort zone rather following their dreams
– his favorite mediation practice
– writing advice when being stucked in front of the white paper
– advice for multi talented people
– and a lot of more interesting subjects…


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