„Surfing Worldwide“ Infographic




For every region you have in mind – with this beautiful crafted infographic you´ll get the appropriate month – at a glance. And vice versa: for every month you choose – you´ll get the fitting area.

With 108 surf regions and over 600 surf spots worldwide showing you when and where to surf, planing your next surf trip has never been easier.

108 Surf Regions:

We grouped our regions by continents to assure that it’s easy to find any region you look for.
For a monthly assessment, simply check out the respective line of the month to find regions with great surfing conditions.

Over 600 Surfspots:

For every spot we provide information about tide, direction, swell and wave size.


Size: 59,4 x 84 cm

Paper: 250 gr/m2 matte

Print: Offset

Language: English


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