Robert Ehrenbrand (Boy Sets Fire): Living the search

Robert Ehrenbrand is a Yogi, a Business Psychologist, a Coach & Trainer, a fighter and bass guitarist of the world renowned band BOY SETS FIRE. He first got in contact with the Yoga Philosophy at the age of fifteen and since then is following that path and integrates it in all areas of his life. He teaches his “BecomingMe Yoga & Movement”-Classes in Munich at the Studio of Patrick Broome.


The essence of his learnings from the martial arts, his life as a yogi and yogateacher as well as his experiences while touring the world with his band you´ll find in his book “The Power of the Search” which will be published on march 19th (in German only)


In this episode you´ll gain insights into:

• how Robert Ehrenbrand discovered Yoga
• how he joined Boy Sets Fire
• his inspirations from the Martial Arts
• why we all are addicted to the victim role
• his motivation to write the Book
• about teaching Yoga
• how Yogis deal with Anger / Aggression
• the Bhagavad Gita
• why searching leads to more contentment thand finding
• daily rituals
• and more…



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