Our Saltwater 
for the Ocean.

On WORLD OCEAN DAY (June 8) Yogis will sweat for the sea.

Onto the mat.
For the ocean.

On June 8 is “World Ocean Day” – a day that was created by the United Nations to draw attention the threat our oceans are under.
For this day GET WET SOON wants to animate as many yoga-studios and yoga teachers as possible to host a yoga session on a donation basis. The proceeds will go to those, who work hard for our oceans ad their inhabitants – And therefore for us all.

Sea Shepherd is always on the front lines - with heart and soul right in the middle of the action. 
A relentless commitment, which wouldn't be impossible without donations.

Protection for those 
who cannot protect themselves.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society is an international, non-profit organization,
founded 1977 by Captain Paul Watson.

Their goal is, to end the destruction of marine habitats and the slaughter of marine animals. 

Sea Shepherd is considered to be one of the most effective marine conservational organizations. 
To uncover and oppose illegal activities on the high seas, Sea Shepherd investigates, documents and, if necessary, intervenes on site.

By protecting the biodiversity of our fragile ecosystem, sea Shepherd ensures to conserve it for future generations.

“If the Ocean dies, we die!”

Paul Watson

CEO / Founder Seashepherds foundation society

Save the date. 
And the sea.

How to participate in “OUR SALTWATER FOR THE OCEANS”

  • On June 8 you give a yoga lesson in your studio or via zoom.
  • You transfer the proceeds directly to Sea Shepherd (here you find the donation form) with the subject “Our saltwater for the ocean”.
  • We would appreciate you creating a Facebook event for June 8 and the time of your class. Please include GET WET SOON and Sea Shepherd as hosts.
  • Furthermore, please share the event in your Instagram stories and tag GETWETSOON and SEASHEPHERD, so we can share your event.
  • If you want to, we can share your logo on this website – just send us a link including your logo to: mail@getwetsoon.de

Template for the Facebook Event.

Template for the Instagram Story.

Thanks to all Friends and Partners, that have our back.